What’s In My Study Cubicle

Hello everyone! Today I'm going to be sharing with you what I put in my study cubicle. To clarify what a "study cubicle" is if you don't know, (it is pretty self-explanatory) the library on campus has individual cubicles for students to study and do work in. They are great because there are zero distractions, temptations, … Continue reading What’s In My Study Cubicle

Getting Involved on Campus

We've heard it since the first day we walked into high school "get involved in school, it looks good on your resumé!" "Getting involved in high school equates to joining the student council, joining various clubs that spark your interest or trying out for sports teams or the school band. And most students usually do … Continue reading Getting Involved on Campus

I Tried Cognitive Function Supplements Before an Exam

I like sharing my experiences in trying out new products with everyone so I thought I'd do another one! Today I'm sharing my experience trying out cognitive function supplements during midterms and exams. When I got these supplements I wasn't expecting some mind-blowing transformation, but if something might help me retain or recall more information … Continue reading I Tried Cognitive Function Supplements Before an Exam

Holiday Gift Guide for Students on a Budget

If being a student wasn't already financially stressful, it sure will be when the holidays come around. It can be challenging to find the perfect gift for your special someone or loved ones when you can't even afford groceries. In this post, I'm sharing my gift-buying tips to help you save money, as well as … Continue reading Holiday Gift Guide for Students on a Budget